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Daron Jones

Daron Jones is far from being done with setting the right tone in music. The accomplished and established artist is ready to take his solo mission to unforeseen heights. As an Atlanta native, he first made a name for himself as a member of the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning group 112. Now plenty of love songs and awards later, he’s ready for a new stage. Daron’s goal is to establish a body of classic and timeless music that reflects the artist he is today. The stars seem to be aligned to allow this superstar to do just that.

As a child Daron Jones would spend countless hours on his grandmother’s porch, learning songs with her, by ear. It was evident even then that music and him were indeed a match. He would play songs for his friends at school, and they too recognized the gift early on. His grandmother would tell him, as he got older, that she saw something special in him when he would skip playing outside to work on music. His focus and drive was amazing to watch. Those are the same qualities that are still drawing fans to him. Daron Jones’ passion exudes through his vocals and verses.

Behind the scenes he has made his presence felt by working with some of the biggest names in the industry. He sees writing and producing as another way to make his mark. Daron was responsible for Keyshia Cole’s “I Should Have Cheated.” At that time so many people doubted that the song would be a hit. He saw it as a way to get his feet off the ground as a producer, and he has been soaring since. The song was originally written for Nivea, but it was declined. 5 years later Keyshia got her hands on it and the rest is history. That is a testament to timing, perseverance, and faith. Those are all the things Daron Jones carries with him daily, along with a strong will to win.

Daron’s mission far exceeds entertainment. He shares his thoughts on how he wants to be remembered here, “I want to be looked at as someone who invested in becoming excellent for the purpose of serving others. I do what I do to make people happy. To give people a reason to dream, and reach for the things that may seem intangible. I am a people pleaser, but I remain true to myself in the process.” As Daron likes to say, humility doesn’t mind hard work. From the looks of it, Mr. Jones and music still have a great thing going on. Stay tuned.





 Daron Jones – The Way We Used To Be (Single)




 Daron Jones – The Unofficial  Diary Of Daron Jones


Daron Jones – Christmas In Atlanta



 Keyshia Cole – The Way It Is

A&M 2005
“I Should Have Cheated”

Jamie Foxx – Unpredictable

J Records 2005

112 – Pleasure & Pain

Def Soul 2005
“Let This Go”
“What If”
“U Already Know”
“Last To Know”
“I’m Sorry (Interlude)”
“My Mistakes”
“If I Hit”
“The Way”
“We Goin’ Be Alright”
“Why Can’t We Get Along”
“That’s How Close We Are”
“Closing The Club”
“What The Hell Do You Want”
“God Knows”

112 – Hot & Wet

Bad Boy 2003
“Intro Medley”
“It’s Goin’ Down”
“Hot & Wet”
“I Belong To U (Interlude)”
“Right Here For U”
“All My Love”
“You Said”
“Knock U Down (Interlude)”
“Knock U Down”
“Hot & Wet (Remix)”
“Na Na Na Na”
“Give It To Me”
“Slip Away”
“Say Yes”
“Man’s World”

Usher – 8701

LaFace 2001

112 – Part III

Bad Boy 2001
“112 Intro”
“Dance With Me”
“It’s Over Now”
“Peaches & Cream”
“I Surrender (Interlude)”
“Missing You”
“All I Want Is You”
“Don’t Hate Me”
“Q Mike, Slim, Daron (Interlude)”
“Sweet Love”
“Caught Up”
“Do What You Gotta Do”
“I Think”
“Still In Love”

Pink – Can’t Take Me Home

LaFace 2000
“Love Is Such A Crazy Thing”

Ideal Self-Titled

Virgin 1999
“I Don’t Mind”

112 – Room 112

Bad Boy 1998
“Room 112 (Intro)”
“So Much Love (Interlude)”
“Be With You”
“Love Me”
“Only One”
“Anywhere (Interlude)”
“Love You Like I Did”
“For Awhile”
“Don’t Go Away (Interlude)”
“Stay With Me”
“Whatcha Gonna Do”
“Crazy Over You”
“Funny Feelings”
“Never Mind”
“Someone To Hold”
“All My Love”
“You Are The Only One (Interlude)”
“Your Letter”

Faith Evans – Keep The Faith

Bad Boy 1998
“Caramel Kisses”
“Life Will Pass You By”

Kelly Price – Soul of a Woman

Island 1998
“You Complete Me”
“Secret Love”

Notorious B.I.G. – Life After Death

Bad Boy 1997
“Lovin’ You Tonight”

New Edition – Home Again

MCA 1997
“You Don’t Have to Worry”

112 – 112

Bad Boy 1996
“112 Intro”
“Now That We’re Done”
“Pleasure & Pain”
“Why (Interlude)”
“Call My Name”
“Come See Me”
“Sexy You (Interlude)”
“Can I Touch You”
“I Can’t Believe (feat. Faith Evans)”
“Keep It Real (interlude)”
“Only You (Bad Boy Remix)”
“I Will Be There”
“In Love With You”
“Just a Little While”
“Why Does”
“This Is Your Day”
“Throw It All Away”

Total – Total

Bad Boy 1996
“Kissing You (Remix)”

The Isley Brothers – Mission To Please

Island 1996
“Floatin On Your Love”

Gina Thompson – Nobody Does It Better

Polygram 1996
“The Things That You Do” (Remix)